September 25th, 2011, 12:20 am

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Reply Lesbian Comics, September 25th, 2011, 12:32 am

This actually happened to me... NO JOKE! I knew a perverted girl that used to claim to be bisexual so she could do things with her boyfriend. It's girls like her that give bisexuals such a bad reputation. She wasn't even bisexual. Only used the name as an excuse to be sexual with other girls while her boyfriend gets off on it.

And she really did suddenly grope me and made that very comment...it was so awkward. I was so shocked I didn't react at all. I mean, who does that?! I think this was the most terrible experience in my life by far.

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Reply Superficial_Fox, September 25th, 2011, 12:58 am

Isn't 'Lesbian Chick' redundant?
Unless you're from Lesbos, in which case, carry on.

Reply Superficial_Fox, September 25th, 2011, 1:47 am

@suphawker: Oh, I just mean that 'lesbian' already implies that you are female, so 'chick' is unnecessary.

Reply Lesbian Comics, September 25th, 2011, 1:51 am

@Superficial_Fox: Well, my sexual identity is Lesbian, but my Gender identity is feminine. Gender identity refers to how you think of your own gender, if it be masculine or feminine or anywhere in-between. Sexual identity refers to what you are attracted to romantically or sexually, if it be the same sex or the opposite sex or whatever.

So my over all goal was to say that I am a lesbian by sexual identity, meaning I am attracted to the same sex. By adding 'CHICK' I had hoped to give people the impression that I identify as feminine. So, I meant to give the impression that this comic is based off the perspective of a feminine lesbian.

Hope that makes sense and helped!

Reply Lesbian Comics, September 25th, 2011, 1:54 am

@Superficial_Fox: ALSO! You don't have to be female physically to be a lesbian. I'm sure there are transsexual women, etc, who identify as such.

(If anyone would like to comment on what i just said as incorrect or would like to voice their opinions, feel free to do so! Education is powerrrr)

Reply otakulys, September 25th, 2011, 2:22 am

Haha, I love how nearly every page you post practically sends me into an angry tirade. XD You just happen to bring up all of these issues that get me fired up. Girls like the one mentioned above drive me absolutely insane. It's one of many reasons I hate Katy Perry. "If I make out with girls to get my boyfriend hot, it means I'm bisexual!!111" That mentality really perpetuates the belief that relationships between two women aren't real, like they're just waiting for a penis to come along so that they can start dating seriously. On TV, it's really clear how set that idea is in our culture: men who like other men, regardless of whether or not they had previously liked women, are automatically gay; women, on the other hand, are *always* bisexual. Not only that, they virtually never end up in relationships with girls. They have sex with women all the time, sure, but they won't settle down unless there's something phallic involved.

More than that, though, I really resent the notion spread by this sort of chick that being bisexual means you are automatically entitled to be with two different people at the same time. In fact, most women I know who claim to be bisexual and are actively seeking a girlfriend are actually with a guy at the same time, stating, "He knows that I need to be with both genders because I'm bisexual." Um, no. That's polyamory, and that is a lifestyle choice. Your sexual orientation doesn't force you to simultaneously date both genders. I mean, to each their own--I have no problem with women who want to date more than one person at a time, just don't try to call that bisexuality. Any person, regardless of sexuality, can choose to reject the standards of monogamy. It has nothing to do with which genitals you like. Plenty of bisexual people are happy in monogamous relationships.

Anyway, sorry, had to express my frustration, haha. I really like this comic. I'm glad I found it.

Reply Lesbian Comics, September 25th, 2011, 2:40 am

@otakulys: Nono, express your frustrations! I love reading comments like this. Your thoughts are interesting and I love to read them.

In regards to your comment, I completely understand what you mean! More than once I've encountered girls who have bisexual behavior sexually because they want to get attention from boys or to get their boyfriends sexually excited. I find it incredibly perverted and I think these people are the reason why the community has such a bad reputation.

Reply ToxicPeonies, September 25th, 2011, 2:59 am

That boyfriend is rather perverted o: allowing his girlfriend to just roam around and have sex with girls. These type of bisexuals annoy me :c being one myself. They'll just come up to you and expect you to feel the same @-@

Also i really like your comic :) its so amazingly awesome. Also educational with all these comment explanations xD

Reply Superficial_Fox, September 25th, 2011, 3:54 am

I've got a wee buzz. @Lesbian Comics: I am aware of the difference between sexual and gender identity. And also that at some point the difference becomes completely subjective and difficult to pin down with science (ask any psychologist). However, the original comment was meant to be semantic word play, but now that you bring it up, let's play some more. I am aware that you don't have to be biologically female to identify as lesbian, but by definition a lesbian is a woman who is exclusively attracted to other women. So even if you did gender identify as masculine you would still be a woman and therefore 'chick' -which is a colloquialism that means feminine female(with various connotative attachments)- would STILL be redundant. If you wanted to qualify 'lesbian' to indicate gender identity other colloquialisms like 'fem', 'lipstick', or 'butch' would better identify your gender without being semantically redundant.

*This is based entirely on semantics and fixed definitions. I am not challenging how you identify, just your word usage.

Reply pikacha101, September 25th, 2011, 3:59 am

That boyfriend is terrible. ; o;


Girls like that make me shed tears. ;__;

Reply Lesbian Comics, September 25th, 2011, 4:30 am

@Superficial_Fox: I had no intention to "play" with you. :( I'm a little sad you think that. I was just voicing my opinion to my reasoning. I'm sorry if you took that as me trying to mock you. I really wasn't; just saying what I thought and such. What I explained before was just how I felt. And I thought that explaining how I personally saw Gender Identity and Sexual Identity would help explain better. Since the topic is very complicated, I thought it would help if you knew my own personal definition of it and not assume you knew.
I personally don't like to use "butch" or "lipstick" very much, because these terms can be negative and for me gets a bit confusing. Plus, my experiences can be shared by all "types", so I didn't want to put a title that implied that only my "type" can understand this.
Again, I'm sorry that you felt I was "playing" with you. I didn't mean to come off as rude or mocking.

I also will not be changing the title of this comic or the banner. It's simply not that important to me to want make the effort, no matter how small it may be. This is a comic where I can record the experiences I had, nothing more. :)
Think of it as a little diary, except everyone can comment. So the 'redundant' title doesn't bother me, and I hope It will not bother you any longer now that you know what this comic is to me. Nothing professional to where it would be a serious offense. :)

I hope this made sense and helped!

Reply Lesbian Comics, September 25th, 2011, 4:34 am

@suphawker: I THINK YOU MIGHT KNOW. THIS GIRL. You weren't there when this offence took place, however...

Reply kill-the-damsel, September 25th, 2011, 4:37 am

Well, if she broke up with her boyfriend and was still attracted to women, then she would be bisexual. And if she were completely straight she wouldn't have sex with women at all, even if it turned her boyfriend on, know what I mean? So technically she is bisexual at the moment, regardless of the situation.

By the way, I happened to stumble upon your other comic. Are you planning on continuing that one?

Reply Lesbian Comics, September 25th, 2011, 4:46 am

@kill-the-damsel: Perhaps! But I think that being bisexual would be less about physical sex and more about if you're able to have a relationship, you know? Because there are people who just like sex with whatever they can get their hands on, but to me that just means they like sex. The girl in the comic was unable to have an actual relationship with women, but would use them for sex that she couldn't get from her boyfriend. But i get what you mean! And maybe that's the case with her, I don't know.

and you found my old account huh? lol! Which other comic? I made the mistake of not planning ahead, so I'm stuck with them. I've also gotten a bit picky with my drawing (except for this comic, because It's more of a diary than anything), so i may redue alot of them.

Reply kill-the-damsel, September 25th, 2011, 5:02 am

I understand. Sexuality is a very complicated, personal thing. I have some issues with how people interpret bisexuality as well, but that's another thing for another occasion.

I was searching for lesbian comics and I happened to stumble upon "O Captain, My Captain" and I thought 'boy,this style look really familiar'. And then I read you moved to this account. I'd love to see the other comic continued, I really enjoyed the style. It looked promising.

Reply Lesbian Comics, September 25th, 2011, 5:06 am

@kill-the-damsel: Oh yes! I do plan to continue that! I have to move it over to this account soon. But I also have to plan it better. That way I won't get stuck or simply stop, so it will be a bit a time to get it officially going!

Reply CLAM, September 25th, 2011, 10:47 am

I love your comic, it's so funny.
I'd hate to meet someone like this
though. D:

Reply SpiralPen, September 25th, 2011, 4:16 pm

I've struggled with boths ends of this one :/
Sexuality is a much more open part of some people's lives, one that some couples actually do like to explore and experiment with, while to others it's a very personal and emotional bond that's precious and sacred.
And to the people signed of the latter option, that first group of people often appear as insensitive and brutish sexual deviants who throw their genetalia around like nobody's business and have no respect for love and togetherness, or sexuality itself and the struggles it brings. And there are definitely people who are that ignorant and insensitive, but not all people like that are. There are people who have all kinds of strange sex and experimentation who share just as romantic and close bonds with their partner, or sometimes partners.
It's just a very gray area, like a cloud that everyone sees differently, and in this instance I really don't think people should try to make other people see what they see in that cloud. Because often times there is no way to make the two sides of this sex-preference coin see perfectly eye-to-eye.
They both come off the wrong way to one another, which is a shame because, really, deep down, sex is the same for everyone, despite how we think of it or feel about it, and it's not something people should be judged on, unless they are pursuing it with others against their will or in a way harmful to themselves or others, physically/emotionally.
Experimentation in sex is a valid idea for some couples, and for others unthinkable.

Obviously the girl depicted in this comic is more on the ignorant side, and her boyfriend may be as well, and she shouldn't have made the assumption that you were sexually "loose" or "relaxed" like her, just because of your orientation. But some people really are, and wouldn't take any offense to this same situation. :/
So I'm very sorry you had/and have to deal with people and their ignorance so much and that this experience was so frustrating and intrusive, but please keep in mind that there's another side to everything.
That side doesn't excuse groping you, making assumptions, and using others' curiosity purely for your own sake and enjoyment (like this girl's boyfriend).
So I guess, overall, I'm saying sorry this happened. D:

Reply Anon (Guest), September 25th, 2011, 10:39 pm

My boobs feel violated from just reading this.


Reply roxjey, September 26th, 2011, 12:14 am

well im bi and let me tell you
that girl is just idiotic

damn so bad that happend to ya

Reply Akito Kaiba, September 29th, 2011, 12:06 am

Gawd those gurls. Girls like that drive me nuts! They're always like "Oh... I'm bi and I have a crush on you... will you be my girlfriend?" and then a few days later they're all like "Oh. A boy likes me! Bye it was just a phase! :D" and then I'm left wondering what the hell is going on. D:< I feel like I can't trust girls wearing lipgloss now. They just assume I'm gonna get over it and find a boy too just because I use makeup like a straight girl.

Reply BlueOleandar93, September 29th, 2011, 10:01 pm

I know right?! Women are beautiful creatures, but some should be shot at with a BB gun. Women who think that they can use other gay women for their selfish pleasures deserve a "boot to the head". It's totally rude and beyond uncalled for. Daresay, I was in a situation like that once and I almost lost my cool. You handled it well. Good for you. You get another gold star!

Reply LittleBat, October 30th, 2011, 9:43 pm

D:l That girls not Bi....shes just slutty. At lest thats how Margaret Cho would put it.

Reply KatzyKins, January 19th, 2012, 7:48 am

Ugh! And Dx Remember when it became trendy to be bi so people would think 'oh they're so uneeek'

D: My friends didn't believe me for THE LONGEST time x__X;

Reply ProfessorLawl, February 20th, 2012, 8:53 pm

Bisexual, the mythical beast of sexuality @KatzyKins: my little brother still refuses to believe like both sexes equally. He's very "There's no such thing. Only in the media." ಠ_ಠ

And it makes it surprisingly difficult to date! Both sexes are surprisingly paranoid. As if being bi means you won't be able to resist cheating. ಠ_ಠ࿉

Reply KatzyKins, February 20th, 2012, 8:58 pm


Oh my God! xD I've actually had that problem before myself,

the guy was like "oh it's bad enough to lose someone to a guy, but if I lost you to a girl, I don't know what I'd do,"

>:P I guess it's like dealing with blood; treat it all as if it's infected,

but in this case it's 'Treat them all like they're cheating assholes'

>3> Cheating is a character flaw, it's got nothing to do with sexuality! D:>

Reply yaoi4evandnevayuri, May 26th, 2012, 6:50 pm

NO ONE READ THIS.. Even though I'm posting it. I had a friend over, and she bought her friend over, who's a guy. So, we were talking about gays/lesbians at the time, and I said I was bisexual. The dude came up to me while I'm sitting on my sofa, and gropes my boobs. NO LIE. Like, wtf? Also, I don't understand bisexual girls that have a bf but want to still have sex with other people. It's like, be with him or gtfo of the relationship. And a man who wants to 'watch' is just dying for an ass whooping from me.

Reply Potatoes4Eva, July 9th, 2012, 1:23 pm

Pansexual get the worst rep, because they don't have one at all. I tell my friends, "Uh, uh, guys? Heh... I'm... I'm pansexual. *waits for bad comments*" "What's pansexual?" "*facepalm*"

Luckily, like, two of my other not-so-close friends were pansexual, so we got a bit closer and I even dated one (she was so amazing but she's a year older than me and goes to a different school and *sob* we just didn't click. :D I still get to be her buddy, though. <3). PANSEXUALS NEED A REP. >:C

Reply kcelrau, July 11th, 2012, 11:25 pm

Agreed! @Potatoes4Eva: God. I love your comment!
Same thing happens to me all the time!

Reply ahrabows, September 22nd, 2012, 3:22 pm

pan and bi @Potatoes4Eva: I actually met someone who preferred to go by "pansexual" because nobody knew what it was, and it didn't have the same derogatory associations that many monosexuals have with the word "bisexual." By going by a word few people know about, you get to be the source of information, not some oversexed archetype!

Reply ahrabows, September 22nd, 2012, 3:30 pm

bisexual does not equal polysexual... ...though they are not mutually exclusive.

The girls who go around fooling with other girls primarily to titillate their boyfriends (or who get a kick out of doing something "naughty") aren't bisexual. Nor do most bisexuals go around harassing people of multiple genders simply because they feel entitled to--since when did that happen?
I also know several polysexual people (people who like having multiple partners) who are straight, gay, and bi/pan, and they would never behave like the girl who behaved here.
But don't worry--the world doesn't favor people like her. Whether for the right reasons (her nonconsensual touching) or the wrong reasons (her sexual fluidity and possible polysexuality), she'll probably get punished by others' perceptions of her. Unfortunately, it will probably be for the wrong reasons...

Reply x-Ace-of-Spades-x, November 12th, 2012, 4:44 am

I just . . . what? Wow. Okay.

Reply Sleepingsoul, December 29th, 2012, 12:16 am

well hell, this perosn makes me feel sick as a bisexual myself.

excuse me as i cry in a corner for this idiot using bisexuality as a 'ticket' for group sex.

Reply Morari, June 8th, 2013, 6:51 pm

Wow, like every single page of this is something I've experienced.

Reply Tifa-X, July 6th, 2013, 8:55 pm

Im bi and I cant stand girls like that. They really do make us look bad.

Reply cleoagar97, August 24th, 2013, 1:01 pm

well... the first time I got felt up was when I was about 11... and it was by my auntie... also a very bad moment in my life :/

Reply Loverofpiggies, October 8th, 2013, 8:30 am

There was this girl I knew a year ago before I came out, that would sexually harass me all the time, and claim it was because "I needed to live more!" No. I have no interest in you, and I don't like being TOUCHED by random people, crazy girl, leave me alone. This sounds EXACTLY like what I went through. She didn't say she was bi but she DID hang all over everyone for attention.

Reply Locuas, October 29th, 2013, 7:00 pm

in response to your question of who would want to do that, i may point to the previous page...

Reply Clouds.Of.Rabbits, May 22nd, 2015, 3:18 pm

This makes me super mad cause you're right. People like her give bisexuals bad reputations. I knew someone who once thought bisexualism wasn't real, it was just a name for sluts. And that shit kinda hurts. :(

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